Software Engineering (Full-Stack) Instructor @ Love Circular
Software Engineering (Full-Stack) Instructor @ Love Circular

Software Engineering (Full-Stack) Instructor @ Love Circular

🚀 Our mission

We’re building tomorrow’s tech workforce to solve the global talent shortage. We make it easier to learn in-demand tech skills and get hired, currently with courses in Product Design and Software Engineering. Our learners land dream roles at companies such as Amazon, Google, Spotify, Financial Times and more after completing our programmes.


📓 Responsibilities

Our instructors have the option of being assigned two forms of coaching: bootcamps and/or live sessions.

  • 3 hours long workshops twice a week
  • Up to 12 students in a cohort
  • Classes are held via Zoom
  • You’ll be paired with an instructing assistant who will give the students more in-depth feedback through Github code reviews
  • 24 weeks syllabus (with one week break in the middle)
  • All lesson content is provided by us, including training on how to deliver and teach our syllabus

👉 Your role: help students get from zero proficiency to junior level with a good understanding of the basics + best practices

Live sessions
  • 30-60 minutes live webinar-style sessions
  • Hosting up to 40 students at a time
  • No set schedule but typically during GMT waking hours
  • Topics include syllabus content as well as careers
  • Example of one of our live design sessions here

👉 Your role: creating and delivering content

🧑‍💻 What you'll be doing

  • Two weekly workshops, teaching 12-14 students; optional weekly live sessions
  • Providing feedback to students
  • Maintaining student progress logs, with the help of the teaching assistant
  • Attend monthly team catch up

🧑‍🏫 Your skills and experience

  • Strong work experience in full-stack web development at a mid-weight or senior position. To comfortably teach the content we provide, you’ll be expected to have a strong knowledge of the following:
    • CLI
    • Git and GitHub
    • HTML and CSS
    • JavaScript
    • React
    • Docker
    • Jest
    • ExpressJS
    • XestJS
  • Experience conducting code reviews
  • Experience mentoring junior developers and giving unbiased, empathetic feedback
  • Strong knowledge of web fundamentals and ability to apply best practices for the purpose of keeping code maintainable, readable, and performant
  • Experience with test-driven development and testing frameworks
  • Excellent soft skills
  • Confidence in dealing with ambiguity, we're still working on processes

🤝 What's in it for you

  • Remote freelance work, so you can keep your day job
  • Earn £1,200 per month for bootcamps
  • Be able to strengthen your CV with relevant mentoring experience
  • Work with a startup that's rapidly gaining traction for delivering excellent results
  • Be part of a diverse team of talented people

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Please note: Currently only able to accept applicants based in the UK.

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